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What are the characteristics of low temperature cold storage

1, the use of the most advanced refrigeration technology and insulation board manufacturing technology.
2, the perfect AutoCAD engineering design, advanced production technology and strict quality assurance management to ensure that the products in every production processes are Cengcengbaguan, so that the user's request into reality.
3, the library thickness of the general use of 150mm, 200mm, filled with polyurethane insulation board, double-sided color coated steel plate or stainless steel plate, color steel plate processed into stealth slot, its light weight, high strength, good insulation properties , Corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, the library board assembly is simple and quick, cold storage is the best choice for one of the materials.
4, cold storage using advanced microcomputer control system and advanced control methods, LCD display library temperature, boot time, the box time, fan delay time, the alarm indication and the technical parameters. Simple operation, the user is very convenient.
5, the main components of the cold storage are imported famous international brands, which ensure that the cold storage of reasonable configuration, smooth operation, good insulation properties, low consumption of high energy, excellent quality.
6, the size of the cold storage, library temperature, the location of the unit, the door of the library, the layout of the library, etc., all of which can be customized according to the specific requirements of the user design. The maximum to meet the needs of users.
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