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Chip ice machine troubleshooting methods

1. Ice machine maintenance
WARNING: Before performing any maintenance or repairs, be sure to turn off the ice machine's mains power supply before operating it. In particular, the ice machine in the "full of ice, water" and stop the state, do not ice machine for any maintenance, repair (not to enter the machine inside) and other operations, because at this time may be automatic ice machine at any time Start work and cause harm.
1. To ensure the quality of ice,
A, not in the refrigerator storage of anything
B, keep the refrigerator door closed, keep the ice shovel clean and pollution-free
C, clean the machine near, do not let dust and so on through the vents into the ice-chip machine
D, air-cooled condenser is strictly prohibited near the stacking of goods or other debris, ice-making machine required in a well ventilated work environment
2. To prevent damage to the machine,
A, the machine is running can not cut off water.
B, switch storage refrigerator door action to be gentle, do not kick or slam the door.
C, should not be stacked around the refrigerator storage of any items, so as not to impede ventilation and deterioration of health status
D, in the first boot or long-term unused, start the compressor compressor heater should be preceded by power 3-5 hours after the operation of ice-making machine.
E. It is strictly forbidden to expose the ice-making machine box to the place where the humidity is relatively large and not to be opened for a long time. The high humidity may cause the PLC control system and the touch screen circuit board to burn.
F, for a long time without ice-making machine, please regularly to the electric control box control system power supply to ensure the control system internal time accuracy.
3. Regular cleaning and maintenance
Users can make regular maintenance according to local water quality and environmental conditions, in order to guarantee the machine's good performance and hygienic condition, regularly (about one month).
A, with warm water dilution of the washing liquid to scrub the inner wall of the refrigerator.
B, rinse with liquid algae thoroughly wipe the surface to disinfect.
C, with a soft cloth dipped in stainless steel special cleaning solution to clean the chassis, the body.
D, must pay considerable attention to water system cleaning.
E. The water system should be cleaned at least twice a year.
F, the proposed use of cleaning agents to completely remove the mineral deposits and deposition of scale.
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