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Ice machine healthy competition, in order to allow the industry to develop faster

With the economic development, people's living standards improve, the integration of Chinese and Western culture, commercial ice-making machine market development potential is enormous. As the ice machine industry does not have a corresponding threshold. Many manufacturing enterprises to enter the industry, domestic and foreign brands well-known, not well-known brand flooded the ice machine industry, making the original only four or 50 of the total number of manufacturers instantly increased nearly doubled, and even appeared Some tens of thousands of dollars, tens of thousands can be set up to do commercial ice machine business. At present, there are more than 200 manufacturers, high school and low brand competition are different, high-end product market structure is relatively stable, although the competition is not particularly fierce competition. At present, the most intense competition in the ice machine is mainly reflected in the competition between the low-end brands, low-end brand homogenization serious. Competition Mainly price war, the current ice machine industry is in the dominant position of foreign brands, especially the high-end market, the only situation in the world. The survey showed that China's ice-making machine market with annual sales of 5 million units. Small ice-making machine manufacturers in order to seize the share of lower labor costs, the quality does not increase, the price down very low. Leading to disorderly competition in the industry.
China's ice-making industry is now the most lack of standards and norms, the Chinese market is a growing market, the industry is mature from the immature, from non-standard to regulate. So I hope that the relevant units and ice-making machine enterprises to work together to establish the industry's access mechanism and then develop the industry's technical standards. So that the outstanding ice-making machine that can create more value. Do not meet the standards of business to step down. Ice machine industry in order to enable the healthy development of the industry faster.
Now a lot of ice machine business ice machine production targets are particularly high, but the imaginary ingredients are more, such as his subject is 90 kg, basically 80 kg can be achieved even if the machine is good, there is the ice machine The daily output at room temperature and high temperature is inconsistent, such as a Nissan standard 60 kg ice machine (room temperature) at high temperatures can reach 40 kg even if the good. Because of the ice machine is not familiar with the indicators, it is easy to choose when consumers buy low prices, and buy back ice machine less than a year on the bad.
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