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Describe the operation requirements of the chiller

For a running chiller, environmental conditions, load has become a fixed value at this time, the condensing heat load is also set value. The provisions of the inlet and outlet temperature difference of 5 ℃, the cooling water must also be a certain value and the flow rate is inversely proportional to the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet. Therefore, chillers running as long as the provisions of the cooling water inlet and outlet water temperature difference on the line This flow is usually used in and out of the condenser cooling water pressure drop to control. Under normal operating conditions, the pressure drop of the condenser is 68.6 kPa (0,7 kg / cm).
In the actual operation of cooling water systems, there are often the following kinds of misuse:
⑴ do not start before the unit does not need to open the condenser inlet valve caused by channeling the water closed. A part of the cooling backwater from the unit does not open the condenser to flow away, reducing the running unit condenser cooling water flow, resulting in increased condensing pressure. Host operating current increases. Unit cooling capacity decline, the serious will make the unit Stop the operation, both a waste of electricity, but also reduces the cooling effect, but also easy to damage the equipment.
(2) As a result of a misoperation, the host condensing pressure and cooling water temperature. Mistakenly believe that the cooling water is not enough to open a large condenser inlet valve and cooling water pump valve, and some also increase the cooling tower fan, resulting in water pumps, cooling tower fan power consumption increased
⑶ even worse, blindly to open a cooling water pump. Although the additional cooling water pump can indeed reduce the cooling water temperature and condensation pressure, but after all, a pump running the energy wasted.Therefore, the wrong cooling water system on the wrong way of operation is:
⑴ before starting the unit will not need to run the unit condenser inlet valve closed to prevent channeling water.
⑵ open the condenser will be running on the inlet and outlet valves (usually the water valve is always open, the inlet valve according to need to open, close. Condenser, evaporator are the same) to open the appropriate cooling water pump.Adjust the condenser inlet and outlet pressure drop To about 68.6 kPa (0.7 kg / cm) (pressure drop to overcome the principle of resistance to the pipeline. Lower some of the better energy-saving effect).
(3) if the condenser out of the water pressure gauge pointer swing is too large, indicating that the cooling water system with air.To be discharged after the air pressure gauge to normal operation to continue the next step.
⑷ operation, regardless of opening a few units, are a cooling water pump on a host (to match the same).
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