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Analysis of Installation Precautions of Industrial

Steam Compression Chillers consist of four main components of the vapor compression refrigeration cycle (compressors, evaporators, condensers, part metering devices) that can implement different refrigerants. Installation should pay attention to the following:
1. During installation, please check whether the machine is damaged? Choose the right place for installation and future maintenance.
2. The installation site must be a floor, mounting mat or foundation with a level of 6.4 mm or less and capable of withstanding the operating weight of the unit.
3. The unit should be placed in the room temperature of 4.4-43.3 ℃ room, the unit should have enough space around and above, in order to carry out routine maintenance work.
4. One end of the unit should be set aside to clean the condenser tube bundle pumping space, can also be used to open the door or other location of the appropriate hole.
5. Select the appropriate diameter of the water pipe, the unit maximum power running cooling system and cold water system, and the correct connection.
For normal applications, the flow rate through the evaporator and condenser is between 1.0 and 3.6 m / s.
7. Water flow should be stable under any load conditions.
8. All chilled water and cooling water piping design and installation should be carried out according to the conventional method, the chilled water pump should be located on the inlet pipe of the unit to ensure the positive pressure and flow within the unit. Piping should be set to ensure that the appropriate damping tube flexibility, but also to prevent when the pump stops when the evaporator water is drained. The pipes shall be rigidly supported independently of the chillers to avoid stressing the components of the chiller. Hanger set up to facilitate the pipeline alignment.
In order to reduce noise and vibration is best to install vibration isolators in the pipeline.
10. In order to cost-effectively use chillers it is recommended that water treatment experts analyze the water quality of evaporators and condensers. Poor water quality can cause fouling to affect heat transfer? Or produce corrosion precipitation, the breeding of organic matter, affect the performance of the unit? Increase operating and maintenance costs.
In general, proper water treatment and regular cleaning of pipe bundles can maintain their good performance, and if the existing water quality conditions can not be improved by appropriate methods, then consideration should be given to allowing the pipe to have a larger fouling factor or to specify Special structural materials.
12. Please install the filter at the entrance of the water pipe, and clean regularly.
XIII. After completion of the leak test all the nozzle must be anti-rust treatment.
In order to facilitate routine maintenance during installation, the user can use some (or all) of the following measures: A pressure gauge with a cock and stop valve can be installed in the cooling water and chilled water inlet and outlet pipes, as close to the chiller; B The overhead rails and beams can be erected at the top of the equipment for easy maintenance.
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