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Dongguan BoTai Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd.("Botai Refrigeration") is a professional production and research and development of an integrated refrigeration equipment business, the company has many years specializing in refrigeration, ice-making industry technical team, the main business: ice-chip, Ice machine, ice machine, container ice machine, ice cream machine, ice machine, ice machine, ice machine, ice machine, ice machine, container ice machine, ice cream machine, ice machine, Food processing, poultry slaughtering, fishery ocean fishing, ice grain machine, container ice machine, the product is suitable for supermarket chilled, hotel bar, fresh fruits and vegetables, aquatic products and meat processing, poultry slaughter, fishing, chemical dyes, Medical equipment, water conservancy and hydropower construction, artificial snow, the company in providing high-quality products, integrity, cooperation and win-win and innovative business philosophy to obtain recognition of our customers.

The company has an area of nearly 10,000 square meters of industrial park production plant, with large-scale mechanical processing, sheet metal welding, heat treatment, electrical assembly and assembly plant assembly, is currently the five processing strength, production equipment, advanced production technology Large-scale ice-one of the manufacturers. Its large-scale processing equipment (can produce and process the largest 60T evaporator), heat treatment equipment (annealing to eliminate the stress inside the evaporator) and automatic welding equipment completely solve the customer any "special-shaped non-standard product customization", all customers With ice demand.

Dongguan BoTai Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. is currently producing fluorine system-chip ice machine and ammonia system-ice machine evaporator two series of dozens of models, 24-hour ice production from 200KG to 200T range, fully meet the growing Commercial and industrial ice demand. The products are widely used in aquatic products processing and preservation, fruit and vegetable preservation, meat processing, poultry slaughtering, pharmaceutical chemical industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, ocean fishing, scientific experiments, nuclear power plants and concrete pouring and many other occasions. At the same time we according to the actual needs of customers to provide the most reasonable and efficient design, the most professional and reasonable solution to the needs of customers to maximize.
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