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Dongguan BoTai Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. ("Botai Refrigeration") is a professional refrigeration equipment manufacturer engaged in R & D, production and R & D. The company has many years specialized in refrigeration, ice machine industry technical team, the main business: Ice machine, ice machine, container ice machine, the product applies to the supermarket chilled, guesthouses and pubs, ice machine, ice machine, ice machine, ice machine, ice machine, ice machine, , Fresh fruit and vegetables, aquatic products and meat food processing……
Steam Compression Chillers consist of four main components...
2017 /
Ice making principle.Water from the ice sheet evaporator water inlet into...
2017 /
For a running chiller, environmental conditions, load has become a fixed...
2017 /
Lengshui machine works.In advance to the machine water tank into a certain...
2017 /
With the economic development, people's living standards improve, the...
What is the ice sheet...
Ice machine is a kind of ice machine,
Chip ice machine troubleshooting...
1. Ice machine maintenance, any
maintenance, dimension……
Lengshui Ji refrigeration...
1, the compressor.
2, the condenser: the condenser……
What are the characteristics...
1, the use of the most advanced
refrigeration technology……
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